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The Friends of Fort Davidson is a public charity under the Internal Revenue Service's 501(c)(3) rule and works to preserve Fort Davidson and the battlefield, scene of the pivotal Missouri civil war Battle of Pilot Knob. We consistently work to preserve more of this battlefield, create hiking opportunities, and work with local landowners to protect this battlefield.

The Battle of Pilot Knob took place at The Battle of Pilot Knob State Historic Site (formerly Fort Davidson State Historic Site) and the surrounding area on September 26-27, 1864.  By nightfall on the 27th, over 1,000 Confederate and about 100 Union soldiers laid dead or wounded on the fields of battle.  The battle saved Jefferson City from attack, preventing the Confederates from retaking Missouri's government.  In the month that followed many soldiers were buried in the rifle pit of the fort and in unmarked graves in hills surrounding it.

During the battle, Lt. David Murphy screamed from atop the parapets, "There was never a prettier place to die than right here!"  But now, scrap yards, stores, more development, and water towers threaten the battlefield and surrounding scenery. 

In 2014, the Re-enactment of the Battle of Pilot Knob took place during the sesquicentennial of the civil war.  The Friends of Fort Davidson are also instrumental in bringing the re-enactment to life every three years as a tribute and memorial to those who fought and died in this bloody battle.

See this page for the September 2017 Battle Re-enactment
to be held on September 23rd & 24th


Help us to meet our goals by considering a tax deductible donation to Friends of Fort Davidson.  Thank you for visiting and please enjoy our website as you seek to learn more about the Friends of Fort Davidson and the Battle of Pilot Knob.

2014 Sponsors - Battle of Pilot Knob Reenactment

Story request as we approached the 150th anniversary
of the Battle of Pilot Knob

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Union soldiers

Fort Davidson in 1910 - Click for larger view

Special thanks to Robin Coventry for the photos of the Battle of Pilot Knob Reenactment of 2010
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